Who turns out the lights on halloween?

this is a question on my math homework and it is a stupid joke.

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    Source(s): I actually did it.
  • Halloween Geometry Worksheets

    Source(s): https://shorte.im/baGVA
  • Well i could be a number of people but in your neighborhood i would bet it's either Nosveratu, Freddy Kruger, Jack Torrance or Pinhead. There's a chance it's Michael Myers, he's everywhere on halloween you know! 🙂 but you should be fine. other than Pinhead these people are all harmless

    Source(s): Halloween horror movie safety video part 2: flickering lights and whos behind them
  • The lights turns out by themselves.

  • it's actually ALIGHTSWITCH because it only has 12 spaces not 14 on the homework.

  • The lights-witch? I think thats right

  • people who ran out of candy 🙂

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