Who was the greatest swordsman in Greek mythology?

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  • Actually, There's no such things, since the Greek did not value swordsmanship or rate fighters by their skill with that weapon. When it comes to actual fighting prowess, the odds are fairly spread between 3 Homeric heroes.

    -Achilleus, who might get disqualified because of his divine mother and near complete invulnerability.

    -Ajax the Great, son of Telamon.


    With a special mention to Odysseus, who had exceptional strength and skill as an archer, but shied from hand to hand confrontation as he preferred avoiding needless danger.

  • Olga's answer is very good and to the point.

    I would add this. The Greeks uses swords, yes, and undoubtedly some were really good at it. But there is no reference to anything equivalent to "the greatest swordsman" as in the sense of Zorro or the 3 musketeers. You don't find that even with archery or spears either. There is no talk of the best archer among the Danaans, for example. There were people who were good with these things beyond doubt, but this kind of immature hero worship of the very best doesn't seem to show up in the ancient writings.

    It was more practical. What mattered was more was who could do the job. For example, Odysseus was fairly good at everything but where he excelled was in cunning and just being clever. And he, more than anyone, really, got the job done no matter what the circumstance and was deeply respected for it.

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  • Ancient Greeks used spears primarily, and swords were just backup weapons when a warrior threw his spear. There are many great Greek heroes. The greatest literature was about two great wars at Thebes and at Troy. In the Trojan War, Achilles was by far the best with spear and sword in either army. Next to him among the Greeks were his giant cousin Ajax and Diomed. The best man the Trojans ever had was Memnon of Ethiopia, a nephew of King Priam of Troy. Memnon was as big and strong as Ajax, but Achilles beat him. Best during most of the war was Prince Hector who was killed by Achilles. In the Theban War, Diomed's father Tydeus parlayed with the Thebans and then challenged any of them to fight him. He easily beat several of their best men. Then, no other Theban dared to fight him. Fifty men ambushed him, and he killed them all. On that basis, I say Tydeus of Calydon was the greatest warrior in Greek myths.

  • Swordsmanship was not valued very much by the Greeks. They preferred spears, and because Greek tactics were extremely teamwork-based, the sort of "greatest" figure wouldn't exist in the same fashion that they do in Chinese and Japanese folklore, who do value individual skill.

  • I think Perseus for he beheaded Medusa and if I am not wrong he is the most brave warrior in Greek Mythology remember he killed the minotaur and he entered to a labyrinth made by Daedalus and he successfully do it...

  • I would say Achilles, but then again there are thousands of swordsmen in greek mythology.

  • ...El Zorro ! ...de'la amigo chocha grande !

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