Who wrote robin hood?

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  • It was a folk tale – there were many different versions, handed down in folklore and traditional storytelling.

    The first written references to Robin Hood stories and characters appear in the late 13th century, but no complete stories survive from this early.

    The earliest existing story is ‘The Ballad of Robin Hood and the Monk’, from 1450 – the author is not known.

    Some of the Robin Hood stories were retellings of earlier folk tales, with the characters changed, and can be traced as far back as legends of the pagan nature spirit called the ‘Green Man’.

    Also, ‘Robin Hood’ became a common nickname for any outlaw or bandit, so it’s possible that the stories were inspired by the deeds of many different characters.

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    The original stories are folk tales and ballads, so you would just look by title or subject. There is a book called the The Adventures of Robin Hood by Roger Lancelyn Greene. The classic children’s book The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood is by Howard Pyle

  • I remember a good history channel special, and they mentioned that the very first written account of Robin Hood was in passing of a discussion of two comedic characters from Medieval times. He was probably of an old oral tradition. Lots of people are given credit for inspiring Robin Hood, as said outlaws lived in the time the stories were written down, but Robin was probably around befor them.

  • Many people. The character and his adventures changed and evolved both before and after it was first printed.

    The Merry Gestes of Robin Hood is the oldest ballad which contains material used in other ballads. But one thing it doesn’t contain is steal from the rich and give to the poor. That comes later.

    Robin Hood was a folk hero. Think of him as embodying the resentments of the lower classes. The stories depict the upper classes as corrupt.

    For more information see my link in sources.

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    Who wrote robin hood?

  • The Robin Hood legend has been chronicled by many authors, perhaps the best known of which is Sir Walter Scott.

  • no one it’s a folk story

    just like the legends of king Arthur

  • It has more than one author,(many unnamed) it is a folk tale

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