Why am I seeing snakes everywhere?

In the past week, I have seen more snakes around my house than I have seen in my entire life. I see at least two a day and I have almost stepped on them several times. Some are venomous (rattle, coral) some arent (corn, garter). And now, im dreaming about snakes too. Does this mean anything? What do snakes symbolize?

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  • Here are some non-evil things snakes can symbolize:

    Snakes also symbolize renewal and rebirth because they shed their skin and emerge with perfect new skin. It is seen as an opportunity to get rid of the old or dull or boring or grimy and start fresh.

    This would be something positive for your life such as re-starting any healthy activities after a break, or positive old friends coming back into your life.

    Snakes can also symbolize sudden action after a period of nothing because they strike quickly after remaining still or hidden, and because they hibernate in winter. This is generally a quick or unexpected decision which might come out of the blue.

    My personal thought is that the snakes are re-emerging after hibernation and you are noticing them because you are waking up from something in your own life. Are you changing your mind about something? Are you changing your behavior or your life?

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  • Snakes can also symbolize a message from the Gods and a channel opening into another consciousness. I see snakes all the time and now think of them as a blessing. I don t believe in that bad omen rubbish. In all histories – Egyptian, Hindu etc, snakes are worn by the Gods and are seen as sacred. In yoga, kundelini energy is depicted as your inner snake, perhaps your are going through sexual and energetic awakenings? Snakes have only been depicted as evil in recent years, just like sharks, crocodiles etc. I believe this is because people like to call evil anything that they fear and/or don t understand. As long as you are not back stabbing someone, and take care of your health, you have nothing to worry about.

  • Dude, you have to be very careful about your life. There is a Legend that if someone dreams snake it means they r making harmful enemies in their real life. Think deeply have u ever done something wrong with someone or made someone angry or unsatisfied, even someone may want your harm because that person jealous with u. Therefore, plz b careful and keep yourself safe and the most important thing is if u see 1 snake it means ur 1 enemy increased, if u see 2 then 2 enemies, 3=3 and so on, so observe ur surroundings carefully, that may help. anyway the snakes u ve seen in ur house was it real or illusion?

  • Snakes are a sign of manipulation and rebellious. Perhaps it’s a sign from The Universe that your not suppose to go down a path that is being made for you, that you have to choose your own destiny.

  • Really start praying.Remember who is the snake? the devil so nothing good coming your way.Pray and move out too .Sound like you have a spiritual problem. Pray and your nightmares will disappear and those weird dreams.In the bible Satan is the snake that tempted Aand Eve >be aware of your surroundings .Follow my advice and you will be safe free of all that stuff that is bothering you.Be careful.

  • you havnt been watchin House have you?! in which case get a copy of the series and take it with you 2 the docs, thats if you can see where your going with all dem snakes around…

  • Snakes depict sorrow, misfortune. But get your house blessed.

  • All hail Sarah, God of Snakes!

    You are the one the prophecies spoke of. You are the one who shall save us.

    Beware the Mongoose.

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