Why are Californians so arrogant?

I've noticed this in my travels and now that some kid posted that question about "insignificant states hating California" I just wondered has anyone else noticed how arrogant they are?

Whats so great about smog and traffic jams?

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  • Californians that I work with are always talking about how great California is, yet they left the state. Wonder why. It can't be that great.

  • A few people don't represent everyone from California. Just as with any state, I would think it depends on which area the person grew up and how they were raised. There are so many stereotypes of California as it is thanks to crappy TV and big headed celebrities. I can't count the times it was assumed that I was rich and have met all of the celebrities when I answered that I was from Southern California while stationed in other states. Anyways, don't let ignorant people such as those few you've had the misfortune to meet cloud your judgement, there are plenty of nice down to earth people here. I think everyone takes so much pride in the state they are from that we all often forget that despite the lines seperating us on a map we are all part of one country. 🙂

  • I have yet to figure this out, I read the question too. Their state is in shambles, their education system is in shambles, they have such high crime in some area's that it is unsafe for most people and still they seem to think the United States revolves around this one bankrupt, broken state who is merely a shadow of its former self. It is a true mystery.

  • There more than broke to silly not worrying about living on a earthquake fault line that will go sooner that later.I'll throw in the fires,mudslides,an smog for free.

  • I actually found people from the east coast are more arrogant than Californians, but anyways, if you think that California is just smog and traffic jams, you're very short cited. I guess Florida is nothing but old people and flamingos, right?

  • Not even half as arrogant as Texans

  • You posted one example of a kid on the internet. I can't really consider that kid a representative of all californians.

  • Why cram 36 million Californians into one gross generalization?

  • They are smarter and better looking that the rest of the country. The live in paradise and have the pacific ocean for their playground. All the movie stars live in California. There are no ghettos or slums in California. It is the greatest place in the entire world.

    Whew it was nice to get that nasty tase out of my mouth.

  • Because they haven't yet met a New Yorker.

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