Why are Sundays SO BORING?

Please tell me, you feel the same way as I do. Everything seems to be SO DEAD. Even if you don't have school the next day, it's still boring. And trust me I have heard from A LOT of people also about how they feel about Sundays. Every other day seems WAY better than Sunday.

actually creed, the Sabbath Day is on Saturday.

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  • Even Mondays are better than Sundays. At least I'm actually doing something on Mondays. But I agree with you on everything you said about Sundays, everything's closed, there's nothing on TV, etc.

  • If you aren't a church goer then you probably feel "lost" on Sundays because you have no direction for the day. On school days you know when you have to get up, what you have to do each hour throughout the day, and when you have to go to bed. On Sundays, if we don't have any plans, we tend to feel like we're "drifting" through the day with no schedule or goals. Parents who work, tend to relax on Sundays and read the newspapers, or catch up with some things that need to be done around the house, so they aren't usually interested in doing stuff with the kids., If you feel like Sundays are so boring that you are dreading the day coming each week, then set yourself a schedule for Sundays so that you have something you have "to do" during the day. It doesn't have to be a hectic schedule like a school day, but make some plans for Sunday each week and follow them. i.e. 10:00 a.m. - make bed and pick up all clothes and stuff from the floor; 1:00 p.m. - meet someone at the park to play basketball or soccer, or have someone come over to your place (arrange this earlier in the week); etc. Use the day to do things that you enjoy, like sports or crafts, or reading. Treat Sunday like a "free" square on the Scrabble board - you can put anything you want there. It's your time to do things that you don't have time for during the week. Also allow yourself to indulge in a nap on Sunday afternoon in order to prepare for the coming week. For people of many religions, Sunday is a day of rest where they don't do anything that relates to work, like washing dishes, sweeping floors, laundry, etc.

  • I honestly do not know.

    I prefer any day of the week to Sunday.

    Maybe because everyone dreads Monday, so Sunday is the downer day and then on Monday everyone just ꜱᴜcκs it up.

    By this logic, we should all hate Saturday, because that leads to Sunday.

    But really...I think it's just a dull day. Not even the mail comes on Sunday.

    I guess church is the only thing unique about this day.

    I think I might start doing stuff on Sunday just to combat this.

  • I couldn't agree more with you, sundays are dead unless you're going out to some nice place but I have to say that Mondays are worse than sundays

  • Start making plans on Sundays.

  • i like sundays because i get up later sunday mornings after having wine on saturday night i have a special breakfast i take a drive read go on line play my flamenco guitar listen to good music enjoy my garden barbecues etc.

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  • in this highly Christian society that we live in, Sunday was deemed the day of rest;; all stores were closed on Sundays..even gas stations..we still carry that tradition for the most part;; most people these days still go to church, & also to visit their family..parents, cousins, sisters/brothers....it's a people day...does that tell ya something about how society has evolved??

    the Sabbath is for Jewish people;; the christians outnumbered them, sorry, but true...the 7th day was the day of rest...& I actually HATE referencing the Bible word for word, but it's Genesis, 2:1-3...hope this helps...

  • Not for me. I like Sundays. 🙂

  • Well NFL FOOTBALL IS ON so that's good right!?



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