Why did JP leave Hell’s Kitchen?

I was watching the season premier last night and I noticed that someone else was the Matre'd other then Jean-Phillipe. What happened to JP? Did he quit? Why? What's up?

4 Answers

  • During season 8 Jean-Philippe Susilovic is spearheading the re-launch of Petrus restaurant in the United Kingdom

  • Hells Kitchen Jp

  • I thought the same thing!!!!

    Jean Phillippe is abroad opening up a new restaurant and overseeing things for Ramsey;therefore he will not be appearing on season 8 of Hell’s Kitchen. The show will lack his demanding attitude that matched all to clever with Ramsey’s."

  • Well Jims's a brown noser and Marco loves it... A match made in heaven! Marco's probably a fan of Davidson's 'comedy'. He seems like the type...

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