Why do alot of Irish people have thick,dark,curly hair?

I've noticed that alot of people with heavy irish ancestry in their gene pool tend to have thick black hair that is curly and that also has a tendency to go grey early. I myself am Irish-American, and I have been mistaken for an Italian before because I look somewhat Mediterranean I suppose. Why do alot of Irish people have these traits that are different from the English, Scottish, Germans etc.? Here's a few examples of what I'm talking about.......http://cdn-www.answerbag.com/images/answers/887078...



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  • They aren't really white.

  • It's not just the Irish, the "true" Scots and Britons were allegedly supposed to have a prevalence of thick "dark" (usually black) hair before the major European invasions.

    I'm not sure if that's true or not but I admit I do have very thick curly black hair and dark eyebrows from my Grandfather (Scottish)

    I have green eyes and while I do resemble a ghost in the winter, I also tan drastically to a dark olive in the summer.

    A recent theory is that some of the very early settlers in Ireland & Wales were from Iberia, there's a lot of debate about it and to be quite frank, nobody's sure if it's true or not. But it would explain the dark features. I've also been mistaken for different ethnicities including...

    Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Puerto Rican & Mexican

  • I have alot of Irish in me from my mother's side of the family, I have dark brown curly hair and brown eyes and im really fair skinned. I know there is several reasons why. One being when the after the Spanish Armada disaster happened some Spanish were washed ashore and mixed with the Irish. And basically a lot of vikings and foreigners migrating and mixing with the Irish people.

  • i understand what you advise. There are not many English those with jet black hair, yet i've got met some Irish with it, almost chinese language style hair. perchance it is an historic Celtic trait which has been misplaced in most of the British Isles simply by mixture with Germanics. My dad is Scottish and has been flawed for a Spaniard and Italian at circumstances - dark immediately hair and tanned epidermis. I additionally had a Scottish instructor at school who appeared like he in simple terms stepped off a plane from Greece- very tanned, very dark. So i think of it is in all threat an historic Gaelic/Celtic style which exists in basic terms in some human beings those days.

  • Look up history books with regards to migration of tribes/ ethnicities in the past centuries and you'll see:

    the first people who populated what is Wales and South England nowadays were from the Iberian Peninsula. Later in history tribes from Norway, Northern Denmark and Germany invaded the country and the original population had to migrate westwards and northwards - to Wales, Ireland, Scotland.

    That is the reason why you will often find very dark hair and very dark eyes among people in those regions, because it's in their genes.

  • The idea that irish people all have red hair is stuuupiid. Most have dark hair

  • They are descendants of Hobbitts.

  • i don't know, but irish girls are gorgeous.

  • oh. .i thought they had red hair. whoops

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