why do bars always have mirrors behind the liquor bottles?

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  • They don't "always" have mirrors, and most times when they do, its to keep an eye on the patrons when the bartender's back is turned.

  • Liquor Mirrors

  • It serves two main purposes. The first is that is makes the bar look bigger. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away bars were usually very narrow usually just wide enough for you to stand or sit at the bar. The mirror made the room look and eel bigger. The second is was for safety. The bar keep/ bar tender could keep an eye on what was going on when their backs were turned.

  • So it looks like they have more liquor than they do?

    So people can admire themselves?

    So the bartender can see the people at the bar even when turned away?

  • To make the place look bigger, give the impression that they stock more liquor, give "sparkle" to the place?

    Some places I've been to have a white translucent lit panel behind the bottles that changes colours.

  • Bars with mirrors are look cooler than the bars without.

  • That should be obvious. It makes it look like they have a lot of stock. also it lets you Look at other people in the bar.

  • So that the bartenders can watch you when our backs are to you - sneaky!

  • Honestly does it really matter that much?

  • ...liquor is vain....

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