Why do girls wear short shorts and flip flops so much?

Every girl at my school wears short shorts and flip flops. Why

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  • Because its cute and simple for really hot summer days:)

  • Short shorts make your legs look a lot longer. And flip flops are easy to put on, but I usually don't wear those.

    Plus, its summer. It keeps you cooler! And it can always make a cute outfit. And a comfortable one!

    And yes, most girls wear them to show off.

    And is a guy really complaining about this? haha (:

  • Because it's hot out and it's comfy. I like to wear short shorts because I have very long legs, so they look good on me. Flip-flops are the most comfortable shoes to wear in the summer, they mold to your feet and are SOO comfy!

  • I sure as heck don't and I'm a girl. I don't like short shorts if you cross your legs alot like me its not a good thing for you! I feel that its not all that creative because alot of girls wear the same oldnavy flip flops and short shorts and its like their all clones on the bottom. I think shorts that aren't too short but not bermuda are the best bet plus it makes me cringe when I see a chunky girl rockin' short shorts O.o

  • Because they want to look taller (short shorts elongate your legs), and also the fact that it is "in".

    I find them tasteless, because everyone wears them and I can't tell one person from another.. I assume they are slutty, and want attention.

    I don't really know, but I hope they put them away for the winter! 😛

  • well flip flops because they are cool and easy and shorts because theyre also cool and trendy

  • lets face it, we want to show off...or at least i do lol

    flip flops are quick and easy, thats why i wear them

  • Because it's easy, comfy, and laid-back, plus it makes our legs and ßυʈʈꜱ look good. Why are you complaining?


  • because its comfy cute and in the summer it doesnt make u hot

  • Because it is summer and hot out.

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