im 19 and im everything that i dont want to be

im shy, i cant attract girls (im pretty sure most girls think of me as a joke), im 5 ft 9 and 135 lbs (i DONT have an ugly face), im a writer of music but that hurts because i hate myself when i cant think of anything good to write, ive only had critics about what i look like from girls and i cant even remember one compliment. The only girl that i had feelings for (first and only girl to say "i love you" and girl who took my Vcard) used me cheated on me dumped me and then told me she never cared about me. My dad is supporting but every time i say something that inclines my depression he doesnt have anything to say literally i think he just pretends i didnt say it. Im a smart kid (really i know im a smart kid compared to most) but that only ꜱᴜcκs because most everyone around me doesnt get me because im on a higher brain level especially girls (i know it sounds self centered and ego-tistical but its the truth in my experience) and girls dont want a guy who makes them think they want a guy who makes the feel, which is something that i cant do apparently. I think im borderline suicidal because i use to fantasize about suicide every other day, but now its too the point where i day dream about buying a gun and hiding it under my bed for when i hit one of those "pit of depression" moments. I know im a guy and i should have confidence but its hard when you literally HATE YOURSELF and i refuse to take medication as that stuff turns you into a robot ive seen my friends take it and get addicted to it

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  • The fact that you are a guy is irrelevant to whether you should have confidence in yourself. Guys can be just as insecure as girls. It's called being a young human. You are not the only guy who's had a girl cheat on them, especially at that age. As far as being too smart for the girls around you, maybe it's time to think about going off to college where you can meet women you can relate to on a more intellectual basis.

    As far as your depression issues, please know this, you are a 19 year old artist type. That means that not only are you in the most insecure and self absorbed part of your life, you are an emotionally sensitive person like most artistic types. That's why you hate yourself. You are filled with hormones and emotions right now. This will not last.

    The good news is that as you get older and start feeling a little more comfortable with yourself, you will learn to accept who you are and care less about the opinions of others. The bad news is that you will probably always be overly sensitive. That's not necessarily a bad thing.

    So relax, enjoy these moments of self absorption, because one day will come when you will no longer have the time to revel in your every emotion.

    And most importantly, do not use a permanent solution to solve a temporary problem.

  • Jesus. Be cautious. You must get checked for an consuming sickness, since thats simply now not correct. Its all approximately what you place to your frame. If you are now not comfy consuming plenty, no less than percent a factor of nuts, to snack on. For breakfast, have a work of fruit, like a banana. Research indicates that consuming a breakfast can aid you unfastened weight. (Not making this up) Also, I endorse taking day-to-day nutrients intent that may aid. But the largest tip I have is to drink water. A LOT of water. * glasses an afternoon. Its helped me plenty in recent years. At first it should appear adore it is going in then out quite swiftly, however thats simply the water your frame stored up as a survival factor. If you fill up your frame it would possibly not have to retailer water (making you higher). It practically flushes you out, and after a even as, your frame will get used to it, so your now not constantly making use of the restroom. its well to begin now, with like a month of summer time left, so your frame can modify. But you do not have to! You're quite now not fats. You're particularly skinny . :O REALLY! your BMI (Body Mass Index) is nineteen.two, that is a healthful weight. Normal BMI is eighteen.five-24.nine, so you are at the thin part for a way tall you're. Not underweight, however make certain you aren't getting that thin. For a last observe: recreation. It makes you think larger, extra lively, and can aid you unfastened weight. Look up spark humans on YouTube. Coach Nicole is exceptional! or discover a recreation you'll be able to do in the neighborhood. Are there any tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pools, and so on. is your the town? Don't make excuses! Grab your ᴘᴇᴇrs and cross play a recreation! I'm definite you are now not the one one to your organization inclined to get a few recreation and slender down.

  • you need to learn how to love yourself. Easier said then done but its true. Think of all the great things you have that nobody else has. You can write songs , I cant. Meet girls at different places. The mall , bars , school , even the gym. Talk to someone about it. Something im working on. Im a very shy girl so its hard to talk about my issues but Ive heard its worth it. Why waste your life away when your soo talented , smart and good looking ? Suicide is just a coward way out , I thought about it before but people live worst lifes then I do and they still keep going because they have hope. Have hope your still younge and have a BIG life ahead of you. Why dont you travel ? Clear your mind ? Join some kind of activity ? Good luck , if you need anyone to talk to just email me.

    Source(s): [email protected] Been there , done that.
  • I hate myself too but you need to try for me! Just live and find hobbies

  • well STOP hating yourself (it is a choice that you're making to hate yourself) and stand up for yourself. do whatever it is you want to (not buy a gun). if you just stand up for yourself with a little confidence, your whole life will turn around. Start loving yourself- focus on you and what you want, not what other people can give you.

    just man up and fight these depressing feelings. rise above it. you're better than what you make yourself out to be.

    winners never quit and quitters never win

    don't give up on yourself and you'll make it through anything

  • you should just try to stay positive

    and learn to love yourself after all you only live once 🙂

    find something you enjoy and stick with it, or maybe try helping other people who are less fortunate then you it might help you feel more positive and appreciate what you have

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