Why do people sponsor golf holes? How much is it?

Just wondering... My buddy is having a golf tournament and people are sponsoring the holes.. why? How much would something like that cost? Thanks.

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  • People sponsor the holes and provide prizes and sponsor drink carts etc to get their company name out in front of the people playing in the tournament. Obviously the people playing in the tournament would need to be able to provide the sponsoring company with some sort of business otherwise it's not worth it. The sponsorship amount completely depends on the tournament. For example a construction company would probably pay $500 to sponsor a hole at an insurance golf day, but wouldn't even be willing to pay $50 for a golf event put on for car mechanics. Take a look at lefthandedgolfequipment.org for more info

  • Sponsorship in a golf tournament could come in many different ways. The main reason some would sponsor a hole is for advertisement. It allows the employer to get their name in front of 70 to 100 people. Cost would depend on the tournament and organizers. A tournament we are currently preparing will cost sponsors about $100 per hole. The cost covers the 18”x24” sign with their name, logo and phone number and an addition amount that is put towards the other costs of the event. I have work tournaments where the cost to sponsor a hole was as high as $1,000. If the tournament is set to raise money for another event, such as a school sports team or trip, the excess funds not used for the tournament would go to the event the tournament is being held for.

  • Eagle Eye, sponsorship of tournaments is a big way to get advertising for the company before many people. The cost is of course whatever the sponsors could afford and the course management would want. Some prices for the champion tournaments run between 10,000 to fifty thousand. But local tournaments should be in the hundred bracket. Hole sponsors (especially the last three holes of the game) may pay a premium for these have more interested aspects of golf.


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    On par three holes you can give prizes to anyone who hits the green. Give the best prize to whoever is closest to the pin for the day. If you can get the pro involved, you can have he or she hit a shot on the par 3 holes with each group and anyone who gets their shot closer than the pro gets a prize. On par 4's you can have longest drive, and/or, straightest drive (where you run a string down the centerline of the hole and the winner is whoever is closest to the string). Get some golfballs with your company logo on them and hand out a sleeve of three balls as the prize. Or you could give any other kind of goodies that are relevant to the service you provide.

  • Hole Sponsor

  • Do you charge the dealership that's doing the hole in one?

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