why do we say “left for the day”.?

When somebody leaves the office in the evening for home, why do we say "left for the day" when they leaves for the night.

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  • day here signifies a week day (monday, tuesday etc..)

    so left for the day is not like the day time..

    its THE DAY..

  • This just means tht the person is gone and is not expected back until the next day. Sometimes people do say near the end of the work day that someone "has left for the evening. Both work equally well.

  • because they literally left for the day, and they are not expected to return until the next day. I know at my office people call from different time zones and don't always realize our work day is ending while they may still have a couple of hours left in their work day.

    Sometimes people do leave in the evening and return later that very evening. So to avoid all confusion it's easier to say, "left for the day"

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  • Day here denotes a duty period, for the whole of 24 hours, whether the work is done at day or at night. Therefore, when some body leaves the office, after completion of his duty, in that session, we say, he left for the day.

    The reasons are not far to seek. Earlier, people worked only in day time. It was only later on, then men started working even during night time.

  • This Site Might Help You.


    why do we say "left for the day".?

    When somebody leaves the office in the evening for home, why do we say "left for the day" when they leaves for the night.

  • Gone For The Day

  • The word Left is the past tense of the word Leave (if I got my tense's right.)

    I'm leaving work.

    They left for the day.

    or I'm gone for the day.

  • GOOD QUESTION. like in France in the afternoon also they say good morning. so in the evening also it is interpretted as follows:


  • It means "end of TODAY". Next time he visits, it will obviously be the next day.

  • Because the sentence idicates that "Will meet u tommorow".there is no actual meaning for each and every sentence told by people.

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