Why does music sound better when im drunk?

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  • Its because your brain is thinking in a different way more a relaxed and party mood. That's what alcohol does including making most music sound better all night or day

  • Did you ask this question while you are drunk? I'm guessing so. I'd have to say because you are more emotional when your drunk so you feel the lyrics and/or the beat more. Not sure if your looking for a medical reason or not but i know food taste better drunk too.

  • Late to answer I realize, but I figured I would add my best educated guess. While under the influence of alcohol (as well as many other mind-altering/psychoactive substances) your brain is known to release higher concentrations of dopamine. Dopamine is attributed to a high sense of pleasure and as the body's "reward" system, among other functions. Music, being something that we, again, receive pleasure from due to a dopamine and endorphine release, probably sounds better while drunk because there are more endorphines available to release.

  • If you ever find out let me know because I was under the influence of several beers and a few whiskies when I heard Bruce Springsteen's album "Born In The USA." for the first time and decided I would buy it the next day however once I was clear headed it certainly was NOT the great album it was the night before!

  • everything sounds better when you are drunk

  • because your brain is somewhat disconnected and even jumping off a bridge sounds good

  • This kinda like saying why am I hungry when I'm high? It just happens.

  • Only you would know

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