why does thel letter “k” represent 1,000?

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  • It is the abbreviation for Kilo (1000 grams) which has been extended to multiply any quantity by 1000.

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    why does thel letter "k" represent 1,000?

  • It stands for “kilo”. In the metric system, prefixes are used to denote amounts.








    For example, a centimeter is 0.01 (or one one hundredth) of a meter. A kilogram is 1,000 grams. I hope that helps.

  • It stands for the “kilo-” prefix in words like kilogram, kilometer, which means “1000 times bigger”.

    I suppose that when the French were inventing all their metric weights and measures just after the French Revolution, they must have coined this prefix from the Greek word chilia = thousand.

    Then from the Latin word mille = thousand they coined the prefix “milli-” to mean “1000 times smaller”.

  • 14 kumquat. I took a little longer to answer because I mis-read the question as a ‘number between 0 and 1000 that BEGINS with letter ‘K’. I’m so stupid…..

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