Why does Yahoo! Mail App for Android ꜱᴜcκ so badly? Performance is atrocious!?

I check 4 different mail accounts using my Android phone. The other three have snappy performance. Yahoo's Maill App for Android seems horribly bloated. Takes forever to display. I get very tired of watching the "loading..." message at the bottom spin forever. How could they get it this wrong?

4 Answers

  • Make sure you are updated to the latest Android Version v2.2 on your phone. Had a friend who didn't realize he had to MANUALLY update the OS in "about phone" in his settings menu of his Android X. Once he updated, things worked faster and better.

  • Im finally ready to change email, I used this also for professional emails and this app didnt send a very important email yesterday Im seriously ᴘιssed off!!

    and the reply suddenly disappeared, not even saved as draft!!!!!!!!!!! I need a new email asap.

  • completely ꜱᴜcκs and fails to load email for android tablet fully updated.

    inconsistent and extremely aggravating.

    have to use chrome to browse to "desktop site" but Yahoo too ******* lazy to make desktop site responsive for tablets size.

  • yahoo mail app SUCKS so does their customer service

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