Why doesn’t San Jose State University observe the President’s Day holiday?

Isn't it a federal holiday?

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  • Neither does Cal State Los Angeles. It ꜱᴜcκs because it's a holiday from work, but I have to go to school. Not only do I have to go to school...but I have a midterm!! I guess universities aren't obligated to observe federal holidays??

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    Why doesn't San Jose State University observe the President's Day holiday?

    Isn't it a federal holiday?

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    Colleges are weird that way, there is something called a PTO that makes some holidays optional in some systems. Most federal, state and schools do take that day off. The colleges are notorious for putting their 'spring break' which used to be called Easter vacation nowhere near Easter Sunday, too. Though they haven't screwed up the 'winter break', ie Christmas, yet because too many people visit family and friends at that time of the year.

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  • Well I did ask a SJSU professor this and they said its because we have a longer winter Break than most other universities. Since we begin start later in January they take away certain holidays like President's Day.

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  • federal holiday means federal employees get a day off.

    Universities are private or state-run.

    They choose not to observe the holiday b/c they want to teach you more stuff. Which means getting more for tuition you pay.

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