Why don’t dentist work on fridays?

Ok so its friday and i just relized I need to see a dentist. I started calling around to see if anyone is open on saturdays and I keep getting recordings saying "Office hours are Monday thru thursday......" So why don't dentist work on Fridays this seems to be the trend? Is it like pawn shops who arent allowed by law to pawn on sundays??? Can anyone answer this for me please!

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  • A lot of dentists work 10-12 hours per day. The office I'm at is open from 6:45 AM - 5 PM Monday through Thursday. That is over 10 hours per day. While there is no law about how much a dentist can work, or what days the office can be open, working 12 hours a day can tend to be rough. Most metropolitain areas have emergency dental clinics that are open 7 days a week. Try looking for one of them.

    It also isn't about money and not having to work because you make so much of it. It's about busting your hump and allowing your staff to have a break.

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  • Friday and Saturday can be very popular days for a dentist, I do work both days, and I take a day off in the week. but you are right, a lot of dentists don't work Fridays, I remember in an old office we had, it was really hard to find patients to schedule on a Friday, something has to do with people leaving town on Friday to maximize their 3 day weekend, eventually we had to give up Friday, and compensate by staying open later everyday. demographics and location of the area certainly has a lot to do with this, like young patients tend to do more activities on their weekend, and their dental care is not a priority for them, vs. retired community where they are in town most of the time. if the office in an area close to a major attraction, it tend to have less activity on the weekend, as most people travel to the nearest attraction on the weekend.

  • My office is only open 8-5 Monday-Friday and they take an hour lunch so there goes the long days. They used to be open 2 evenings a week and would come in late but I guess since this was for customer satisfaction they had to end this.

  • With the ridiculus feees being charged today why work on FRI & just pay more income tax? The patients use to be most important, but with most that is history!! Yes there are a few exceptions. I took off a day in the middle of the week & worked on Sat so someone could help with emergincies!! Today most think TO HELL with the patient just get there money!! Not long till socialized dentistry , canot be otherwise. DMD 32 yrs

  • I work at a private office... we're closed on Tuesdays.

    Most offices in this area are closed on Wednesday, and Fridays are the busiest day across the board since 'the weekend is coming' and toothaches seem to miraculously appear... LOL

  • Oh it is just one of those things. I think most of them work such long hours during the week that they enjoy having a 3 day weekend to spend with their family. Plus most dentists can afford to take a day off. They need it. Fridays are the most logical day to take off.

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    Most dentist are off on Fridays anyhow. Many have emergency numbers for you to call and they will take care of you. PS today is Saturday.

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