Why is Fayetteville/Ft.Bragg,NC nicknamed “FAYETTNAM”?

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  • Fayettnam because of the bars and strip clubs there.

    The Vietnam Era was a time of turmoil in the Fayetteville area. Fort Bragg did not send many large units to Vietnam. But from 1966 to 1970, more than 200,000 soldiers trained at the post before leaving for the war. The effect of such a large troop rotation was dramatic and would continue to be for years to come. Then there were the anti-war protests. They drew national attention because of the proximity to Fort Bragg, in a community that generally supported the war. Jane Fonda came to Fayetteville to participate in three anti-war events. Bars were not new to Fayetteville, by any means, but Hay Street, became notorious for bars, strip clubs and ᴘʀosтιтuтes during the Vietnam era up until the late 1980s. Fayetteville's reputation was dealt a huge blow and nicknames such as "Fayettenam" stuck.

    Source(s): wiki
  • because of the gangs, the teens love to take phone-video of the fights at school and watch them and laugh about them at westover high school, my neighbor's daughter, when she lived there, had some teen get on a school bus to fight her and she went to get a knife from her house, my daughter called 911. This girl had her house robbed twice, from the guys she serviced. then the people that moved in after her, this women has her baby-daddy watche th ekids while she works, the nieghbors have called the poilice 3 times on her for domestic dispute.

    Then there is the Jadkin 500, a four lane highway, the lane are small and everyone races to and from post like madmen. I once turned in a uniform to be presseed when we had the old BDU's and the patches wer ein the pocket the veitnam vet who wirked with his Korean wife said "Take the patches out of the pocket, how do I know there isn;t a needle in the pocket." Go figure.

  • I am only guessing but i think it has to do with it being a rough neighborhood

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