why is the sky blue?? be creative?

most creative answer gets the 10 points

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  • Because it isn't green.

  • I think being creative would be asking a more answerable question.


    A clear cloudless day-time sky is blue because molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red light. When we look towards the sun at sunset, we see red and orange colours because the blue light has been scattered out and away from the line of sight.

  • one magical day in the land of unicorns and walabi (thats plural for wallabe) all the creatures and faries were celebrating the princess of the unicorn's 278687634.8765985 birthday. the king declared who ever found the best gift for her would recieve half the kingdom. so of course everybody was like great gravy im gunna find the best present ever! many entered but only one recieved the grand prize. the princess's FAVORITE color was... BLUE so of course all the presents were blue, but one magician created a giant blanket that wrapped around the whole world. he was declared winner of half the kingdom which turned out to be a HUGE mistake on account of he was an evil psycho path, but thats why the sky is blue. i know this story because i am that magician. i love the unicorns, but sometimes things just need killin

  • Well, Some people will tell you because its the refractive effect of sunlight passing through the atmosphere. Like light passing through a prism breaks up into the rainbow of colors, the light wavelenghts that we see just happen to be blue. Others will tell you that its the color of the oceans being reflected off of the ionosphere. Me? I think its cause God knew that seeing you with a blue sky back lighting your hair would be the prettiest thing around.

  • Er...to match my pretty eyes? No, I got that off an old commercial..GAH! Uhm...Because God said, "Let it be blue!" And so it was. And he saw that it was good. Eh, stole from the Biblio there although it doesn't actually say that in there. I know! One day a little kid was all like, "Whoa...look at that sky!" And everyone's all like, "Whoa! You're right. It is a sky!" And uh...he's like, "Yeah. And it's blue, right?" And everyone's all like, "Yeah...it is." And so it's uh...blue. But in reality all those people were blind (I love you blind people! Don't hate me because I'm beautiful! Wait...you can't see me! I'm sorry! I LOVE YOU!!!) and the sky was actually white! So the kid took like a bazillion blue Crayola (YES!!) crayons and colored the sky blue. He missed some spots though so that's also why we have clouds. I am just so freakin' creative...Just nod your head and agree.

  • Because there is more Nytrogen in the atmosphere than there are other elements. When the light passes though its atoms, the specter projecter is blue. So when it is night there is no sunlight so the sky becomes darker as the rest of the universe.

  • The sky is blue because the grass is green, the sun is yellow, the earth is brown, water is clear, clouds are white... so all the colours are gone! It matches the green gras and the white clouds and the yellow sun....etc... Plus, a red kite in the sky makes it jusssstttt right.

  • the man in the moon at night called the sun over the phone and the sun broke up with him. thats why the sun and the moon come up at different times. so he shead tears and dyed the sky blue, because if he saw bright colors again he would think of the sun. there is sunsets because the sun was happy to have the moon out of her life, so she smiled big and it made the sky turn different joyful colors from all her happiness.

  • Because blue is a calming color. If the sky was red, we would be restless and aggressive, and if it were constantly black, we'd always be depressed. Besides, everone knows that fairies turn blue at an altitude of 100 feet, so it helps 'em hide better.

  • why is the sky blue?

    the sky is blue because that is what we want to see. people are raised knowing "the ground is green, the sky is blue" even though it rarely is that way.

    the sky is blue because that is the way we have been taught, drilled into our brains until it is set like stone with no softness left to indent a "why?"

    the sky is blue.

    that is that.

  • The sky is blue because it is in a mid stage, from where once was white and pure, it is now blue to show the insecurity, and impurities of our world today, although not totally dark, the sky is merely in a phase of going into a complete 24hr drk. stage._Creative!!

    Source(s): The Sky & The World

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