Why is torrid so expensive?

seriouslly its just over priced undies and clothes. Forever 21 has cheaper prices and cuter clothes... hands down... why cant torrid be same they would have more income comin in if theysame thing lowered prices for a blazer 50 dollars crazy at forever 21 same thing 20 dollars max 25 gosh... same plus size clothes...

3 Answers

  • That store is for plus sizes, so it costs them more money to make the clothes than say a store like Forvever 21. Torrid has to use more fabric to make bigger clothes so their retail price must go up.

  • Um, Forever 21's clothes are cheaper because they're really cheap quality too. Super thin fabric that balls up and doesn't last after the first wash. Torrid is gonna cost more because if its plus size, that's more fabric they have to charge you for. You get what you pay for.

  • Hmm Torrid deals with clothing for the curvier woman so maybe that is why. It is a specialty store that carries goods for a certain type of clientele.

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