Why is turtle-ing bad for the eyes, as is mentioned in The Old Man and the Sea?

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  • Turtling requires you to open your eyes under water for a prolonged period time. In the short story The Old Man and the See, I don t believe they had goggles to prevent the salt water from drying out of your eyes. Here is some more information about salt concentration and why it can be damaging over time.

    The measure of concentration is osmolarity, which is a measure of all the solute particles in a liter of solution. Normal tear concentration in a non-dry eye state is below about 290 mOsm/l, while that of sea water is about 1000 mOsm/l. So after a while, the vision may blur as well, due to dehydration of the corneal epithelium and development of punctate erosions.

    Now a days we have to worry about infections from sewers and chemical pollutants that can now be dumped into our oceans and water systems thanks to the new man in the white house.

    I hope this answer is more to your liking.

  • every time I submit a question, even if it's the easiest one, nobody can give me a good informed answer on this website. What happened to people that actually take the time to write an answer..

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