why should air bubbles be removed from the buret tip?

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  • If the volume of air in the tip remained constant and the bubble remained stationary in the tip, the bubble would be of no consequence.

    As long as you're subtracting the initial volume reading from the final volume reading, the amount delivered would still be correct if the above was true.

    Unfortunately, though, bubbles will tend to completely pop out when a large volume of liquid is being dispensed from the buret. Because the bubble occupies a significant volume in and of itself, if it came out of the tip during the course of dispensing, the actual volume delivered would be less than the volume reported.

    Due to the very likely possibility of this happening if a bubble is allowed to remain, it's best to go ahead and get rid of the bubbles before using the buret to dispense a measured volume of liquid.

  • a buret measures the amount of liquid that comes out the tip of the buret - if the air bubbles are not removed, the volume reading that you get will be larger than the actual amount of liquid that came out

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    Air bubbles cause inacurate measurment of volume. When you're using a buret, the goal is to measure the volume of titrant as accurately as possible, misreading of titrant volume result in subsequent miscalculation of your analyt. The goal of any titration is to obtain both precise and accurate resluts. Misreading the volume will throw off your results by alot more than you would think. Air bubbles are nasty.

  • when you open the stopc̫o̫ςκ you want to dispense a certain amount of solution. If there is air in the tip the difference in the initial and final volume will not be true. That is why you must get rid of the air.

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