why was matilda adopted?

i just wondered why they adopted her if they didnt like her from the start.

if she wasnt adopted, then why /how did they automatically have adoption papers ??

10 Answers

  • They never adopted her, Matilda was their child. You see the mother (who is actually married to her onscreen husband), giving birth to her in the very beginning.

    Though I can see why you'd think that because she's the complete opposite of her entire family.

  • Matilda Parents

  • Matilda was not adopted by her parents. She was there biological daughter. Her family did not appreciate her because she was different from them. Miss Honey adopted her.

  • They didn't, the woman in the film is actually her mother! They just didn't like her. Miss Honey adopted her from them.

  • she wasnt adopted, she was actually born into the family

    her teacher miss honey adopted her in the end because her family had to flee the country

  • They didn't adopt her. They are her biological parents. The teacher is the one who adopted her.

  • they werent the people that adopted her, those were her real family

  • Because shes white.

  • who is matilda

  • cuz her real parents were @$$ holes

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