why would they have a “herpes passion” dating site?

I was on a dating site and I saw this ad that said "got herpes? date people with herpes" ugh I think its odd to advertise something like that.

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  • Maybe people with herpes would rather date someone else that also has it rather than spreading it to more people.

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    If you're really struggling with dating people that don't have herpes, then sure a dating sight could be good for you. At least people on the site will understand better then people that don't have herpes, but you are allowed to date people that don't have herpes too. People do stupid things like that to get their rocks off, or just so they know who in their area has it. So I think you would be better off not posting a pic and emailing some one you like a picture when you're ready to meet them.

  • Because people with herpes are often considered outcasts by the rest of society even though they know next to nothing about herpes. Considering this, many people with herpes feel that they should only date people with herpes to find someone that understands the virus and to prevent the spread of it.

  • Herpes is not curable and genital herpes can be transmitted by just sleeping next to an affected person when they have an outbreak. For someone with herpes, it's probably way easier to date someone who has it too so you don't have to worry about affecting someone new, nor have to worry about telling the person your dating and risk scaring them off.

  • I found a listing about someone who had herpes on CL. Like someone said, they'd rather be open about it and be with someone who already has it, than spread it to others.

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