Will a bank give me 20 dollars in pennies.?

We are having penny wars a work to raise money. Well somebody put a 20 dollar bill in my departments bucket which sets us back 2000 pennies. So if I take a 20 to the bank will they give me pennies. Oh and it has to be pennies because cash and silver will be negative.

6 Answers

  • Sure they will.

  • Some banks will let you deposit rolled coins into your account. Some offer change machines in the lobby where you pour in the change than you get a voucher to take to the teller. You can buy pennies from your bank if you have an account. Hope this is helpful.

  • Businesses get 40 rolls of pennies all the time.

  • You don't need to exchange the bill for pennies to win the contest. I've done enough of these things. Just ask the manager.

  • Yes. If you are a minor, have your patent accompany you to his bank, go to a teller, and ask for $20 of pennies.

  • How Many Pennies Make 20 Dollars

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