will colleges look at NYS regents seriously?

I just got my report card and almost all my regents grades were in the high 90's. I have taken 5 so far this year, 8 in total. I failed Math B and Physics because I rushed through the exam and I just gto so frustrated. Keep in mind these are NYS exams and the hardest state exams in the U.S. Will failing 2 out of 8 exams really hurt my chances of getting into a good college? I want to go to McGill in Montreal, and my transcript would be spotless if it wasnt for this. Will they even look at my regents exams seriously? I would take them over but I wouldnt be able to retake them until January when they have already made their selections.

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  • They make look at them, but considering you are looking at schools out of NY they may not understand the tests completely.

    Colleges do look at your grades AFTER they have accepted you.

    But keep in mind what major you are going for. If you are going to be a math major, physics major or anything that you would need those classes for, they may look closely at those scores.

  • since ur not appying to a new york school it probably wont matter. hmmm if u failed the math b u can take it in august. it was hard but i passed. im not even going to try the physics but i dont need it i already got the advanced regents diploma. anyway at the math b exam i saw tons of seniors and a lot of them got into good schools. i dont think it matters all that much that u didnt pass math b it might be good to take it over again in january anyway. sometimes colleges will ask for mid year grades.

  • Hi. I'm from NY and took the regents when I was in High School ( 3 years ago) I took all the regents exams and failed one of the science regents. I ended up not getting my regents diploma because of that and got into all 5 schools that I applied to. (not to brag) It depends on what college you want to go to i think. I wish you the best of luck.

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  • I got local diploma, I graduated in 2005. I am now in my 3rd year of RIT and I don't think not having a regents diploma stunted me at all by getting into a good college.

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