Will drinking Robitussin before a sesh get you higher?

Will drinking a bottle of Robitussin before smoking up make the high stronger or will it have no effect? I've heard tale that robo destroys your tolerance to the herb and makes you go back to essentially square one.

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  • I dont know but I'll have to try it, apparently acombination of legal things influence your marijuana experience

  • Yes it definitely will, I know this from experience. If you wait until the high of dxm kicks in and then you smoke weed you will be on cloud 9. But, be very careful weed boosts up the high 100x and you might panic especially if you smoke a whole blunt. For me, personally... I only take two big hits and I'm GONE. If you smoke weed before you take robitussin, yes it will make the high stronger but not as strong if you were to smoke it after the high kicked in. Weed + DXM = Peanut butter & Jelly.

  • try robotripping and smoking weed its fun trust

    make sure you get a bottle of robotussin that contains DXM only with nothing else so you wont cause liver damage

  • wow, that's awful for your liver i'm not even kidding, your liver could fail because of it.

    don't drink a bottle of robitussin please. all it will do is f*ck you up like getting drunk and then smoking weed will do.

  • Really?! Grow up stop being a frigin loser! Try doing something with your life! I am sure your parents dead or alive are very proud.

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