Will Lowe’s cut pvc pipe for you in-store?

4" diameter pvc pipe

5 Answers

  • Yes Lowe's will cut pvc pipe for you. It is also easy to cut on your own with a Hack saw. Best of luck!

  • Pvc Pipe Lowes

  • Actually, after reading this post, I went to Lowe's to buy PVC pipe for this frame. And they WOULD NOT help me! They said I could buy a tool and cut it myself. They offered to cut the PVC pipe in half, but not measured pieces. I was very disappointed. I ended up going to Home Depot where they were FANASTIC and cut the PVC for me, taped all the pieces together and gathered up the corners and other pieces. THANK YOU JOSH!!!!!!

    To Lowe's: pitiful.

  • There is no reason you can't cut it yourself with a bandsaw or even a hacksaw. If you want a slight taper to the edges, use some sandpaper.

  • tricky issue. do a search with yahoo or google. it could actually help!

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