With which of the following statements would most people in business agree?

With which of the following statements would most
people in business agree?

Question 29 options:

A corporation's short-run profits will almost always
increase if the firm takes actions that the government has
determined are in the best interests of the nation.

Firms and government agencies almost always agree with
one another regarding the restrictions that should be placed on
hiring and firing employees.

"Whistle blowers," because of the courage it takes to
blow the whistle, are generally promoted more rapidly than other

It is not useful for large corporations to develop a
formal set of rules defining ethical and unethical behavior.

Although people's moral characters are probably
developed before they are admitted to a business school, it is
still useful for business schools to cover ethics, if only to give
students an idea about the adverse consequences of unethical
behavior to themselves, their firms, and the nation


The last point most of the people will agree

Its true that a persons character is a one which is there with
them from birth so it cannot be decided any where, but they can be
teached about business ethics and unethical practices that should
and should not be done while doing busniess.

It will mould their behaviour and character to a larger

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