Word cannot open the file because the file format does not match the file extension.?

I originally saved my document on my home computer, as a Word Document. Afterwards, I saved it onto my USB. When I brought my USB to school, I used Open Office to edit my work. Then, it required me to save my file again. STUPID as I was, I saved it OVER the original word document, and now when I try to open the Open Office file (.docx) it does not work. What do I do? (I've already tried renaming the document)

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  • First, changing the extension on a document does nothing to the contents, any more than changing the cover of a book translates it into another language. In fact, the error you report implies this is part of the problem: The file type doesn't match what Word finds in the file.

    Change the extension back. If it happened to be .doc (a format Open Office seems to be able to produce), Word should be happy with it and its contents. (.doc is the old Word 97-2003 document format. Word 2007/2010 still handle it.)

    If it was a .docx file, that's the new Word 2007/2010 format. Older versions of Word can be taught to read and edit .docx files, however, by downloading and installing the free Microsoft Compatibility Pack.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): Compatibility Pack from Microsoft (free):

    List of non-portable features 2007/2010->earlier versions:

  • The docx file extension is for Word 2007 and above it is not an Open Office file extension - they are usually odt or something like that. So all you need to do is download from microsoft their file converter in their compatibility pack and install it on your machine at home and you will be fine.

    The link below gives you the compatibility pack.


  • Word Cannot Open This Document

  • in case you could tricky somewhat consisting of what are the record extensions of the data in question(eg: .document, .docx, .rtf, and so on.) and which version of be conscious you're employing (Word2003, Word2007, Word2010) it is going to help in attempting to offer a answer. it would desire to easily be a count number of putting in an place of work Compatibility p.c.. from Microsoft (that's provided for loose).

  • Use one of the file compatibility converters available from either OpenOffice or Microsoft.

    File is "cross contaminated" so to speak. It will work, you just need to have a converter.

    Google it.

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