Would get banned if I use Guy4game?

have any of you been caught by blizzard or gotten banned from buying gold on guy4game?

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  • No site that engages in this activity is 100% safe. Ebay no longer allows listings for the sale of virtual property because of its illegal nature.

    Gifting (giving), trading and selling/buying wow gold is against Blizzards TOS. They have gotten very good at recognizing wow gold that have changed hands. wow gold that have been transferred in one of these ways can be banned.

    Honestly speaking, there isn’t a real utter way to prevent your account getting banned. But you can use a safe website that can provide you a safe way to buy gold .At least, my brothers buy gold for a very long time. and there is nothing happened to their account .

    Their information will never be abused or revealed to anyone else.It’s totally safe.Friend, if you can also have a try.

  • Recently purchasing from Susan Express gold I decided i would shop around and finally stumbled upon Guy4Game. The prices being cheaper and the fact that they had a testimonial option and all the people on there were real, I had too try it out and see if it was really worth changing. Made an order for the lowest amount of gold and low and behold, 15 mins later I get called to ratchet and im getting my 10k gold while getting killed by the gaurds because i'm hated by them. The point is, not only are they cheaper and faster but also very professional about what they are doing. I know where im shopping from now on.


  • Guy4game

  • Guy 4 Game

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