www.best buy.com (Access Denied) PROBLEM?

i am having this problem that i can't access the bestbuy website

when i go to www.bestbuy.com i get this message

Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "http://www.bestbuy.com/%22 on this server.

Reference #18.95f102cc.1293042064.6fc978

can any one help me. how can i get rid of the problem


5 Answers

  • it seems the problem is affecting people outside the US. This has been going on for more than a week now. If you really want to access the site, I would suggest using free VPN software like Hotspot Shield. I tried this two days ago, and it works...but for all the headache....i rather just shop on amazon.com. I can't imagine how much money bestbuy.com lost because of this. hope it works out for you!


  • It´s still an unresolved issue. See this site:


    A person from bestbuy just manages to say it is your browser`s problem, or you could try the mobile site. The last option means, is their fault and they haven´t found the reason.

    But is been like that for a week at least.


  • once you run verify disk, i've got self assurance this is saves a number of the recoverable information in newly created folders. Your information may well be there. look at thecontinual for folders you probably did no longer create and that they are in many situations sequentially numbered like chkdsk a million, chkdsk 2 or temp a million, temp 2. i do no longer remember the right folder call that it makes use of and the folders would desire to be hidden so which you will would desire to bypass decrease than folder techniques and verify teach all information to confirm them.

  • I am having exactly the same problem and have tried everything still no solution.

  • I am having the same problem....tried everything even on my cell phone.

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