YUGIOH i have a question about enchanted javelin?

Does the card enchanted javelin negate the attack and then add what the attack was onto your life points? Or does the card just let you add the attack onto your life points after you have calculated the damage (virtually doing nothing)

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  • it won’t stop the attack. otherwise that would be listed on the card. if you take a direct attack and then use enchanted javelin, well nothing happens pretty much. if you’re looking for a card like enchanted javelin that negates an attack, use draining shield. magic cylinder is similar to draining shield, but it will inflict damage to the opponent

  • Enchanted Javelin Ruling

  • Enchanted Javelin doesn’t stop the attack in anyway. It gives you lifepoints equal to the attacker’s ATK. If a Blue Eyes (3000) attacks Dark Magician (2500) you gain 3000 lifepoints, then take 500 damage from the attack as normal. A direct attack would give you 3000 lp, then you take 3000 damage. Use Draining Shield, as this stops the attack and gives you lifepoints.

  • the attack continues and then it adds the lifepoints back or if your monster is in defence then you just get the lifepoints but ur monster is destroyed

  • it negates the attack and then drains it into your life points.

  • it acually makes the attack do nothing it does NOT negate it

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